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Central Medical Gas Pipeline System

Today, every successful medical institution has modern medical equipment in its arsenal. This is due not only to the prestige of the institutions, but also to the need to apply new treatment methods, which are sometimes impossible without innovation. An important milestone in the development of equipment for medical structures is assigned to medical gas systems. Medicinal gas systems are developed according to the profile of the institution and the volume of gas consumed.

What is medical gas supply?

Medical gas systems are a network of gas pipelines, gas supply sources, medical consoles … Medical gas supplies are used in operating rooms and intensive care units, and oxygen is available in wards and emergency rooms.

The gas pipeline system is designed so that medical personnel and patients do not have direct contact with the main gas supply. Cylinders or other containers with gas are located in special storage areas, which can be located both in basements, and outside the building in specially equipped places.

Medical gas systems and characteristics of their operation.

Medical gas supply systems require increased attention to safety. To avoid hazards, control and shut-off valve modules are installed in the gas pipeline to quickly disconnect the building from the gas supply in the event of an explosion hazard.

To control the amount of gas supplied to each specific module, electronic monitors are installed to monitor the status of the gas supply system.

The quality of the medical gas supply system depends on the manufacturer, the properties of the materials used in its manufacture, as well as the efficiency and quality of the medical gas supply installation. Therefore, if the decision is made to install a medical gas system, it is worth giving preference to experts in the design and installation of gas supply systems. This guarantees the absence of operational problems, as well as the possibility of effective maintenance of the gas supply system in the future.

The design of medical gas systems is carried out taking into account the existing building and utility space planning solutions, the choice of facilities for placing the equipment, the method of laying the external pipes. Complex selection of technical devices – Gas sources, compressors, and vacuum stations, shut-off and control valves, life support consoles, instrumentation depends on the characteristics and needs of the sanitary facility.