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Blog 3

Pneumatic Tubes Systems Advantages

The pneumatic tube systems are designed for the easy transport of medicines, samples and bags of blood, serum, tissues, documents and laboratory samples quickly within the hospital.

Pneumatic tubes are highly modular and flexible, optimizing logistics processes increasing efficiency and patient safety.

Safely and reliably transport laboratory samples, blood products, supplies, and any other material.


Adapt your system with different types of stations. The stations are the interaction points with your pneumatic tube system. It allows to receive and dispatch the materials. There are different types of stations depending on the use and complexity of each position.

Optional features

Optional capsule features (these features can be added to any model as required by the health center).

  • RFID tag: Integrate RFID technology to enable full traceability. Each carrier is already equipped with a slot for a transponder.
  • Cargo Dimensions: Customize the length of the capsules to take into account your unique transport requirements and the configuration of your pneumatic tube system.
  • Colors: Easily identify capsules by department, material, or shipper and see how your flow improves.
  • Protective Materials: Keep contents safe and prevent breakage with specially designed protective materials, such as aluminum pockets (to keep documents dry and wrinkle-free) that contain and stabilize the capsule contents.
  • Lock systems: Restrict access to content and comply with relevant security requirements.
  • Consolidate information from multiple sources in one place.